Ana Afonso

European Food Safety Authority, Parma, Italy

Ana Afonso, is the a.i. Head of the Genetically modified organisms unit at the European Food Safety Authority. The unit supports the activities of the GMO panel in the risk assessment of GMO applications and generic mandates. The GMO panel and unit has over the last years developed substantial amount of work into methodologies and guidance for GMO risk assessment and delivered important mandates in the area of Biotechnology. Previously she was team leader of the Emerging Risks team. The team carry out activities aiming at identifying, assessing and disseminating information on emerging issues and risks and coordinates EFSA urgent response procedures and crisis preparedness.

She is a veterinarian specialized in Aquatic Veterinary studies and joined EFSA in 2006 as a scientific officer for the Animal Health and Welfare Unit. Prior to that she worked as a Veterinary official and as a Research assistant at the Portuguese Veterinary Faculty of Lisbon and Vila Real.