26-28 september 2023


26 September 2023

Time (CEST) Topic Presenter
14H00 Opening – Welcome messages (Video)

Carlos das Neves, European Food Safety Authority (EFSA)

Daniele Del Rio, University of Parma (UNIPR) & School of Advanced Studies on Food and Nutrition

Pier Sandro Cocconcelli Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore (UNICATT)

Chapter 1: Safe innovative food products (Video)

Moderator: Chiara Dall’Asta, University of Parma
Co-Moderator: Cristina Alonso Andicoberry, European Food Safety Authority (EFSA)

14H15 The EU legislative framework on novel foods and food innovation. Takis Daskaleros, European Commission (Presentation)
15H00 Ensuring Preparedness for the assessment of safety of new food/feed sources and production technologies. Horizon scanning. (Video) Bernard Bottex and Georgia Gkrintzali, European Food Safety Authority (EFSA)(Presentation)
15H30 Emerging food production and processing for more sustainable food systems (Video) Alexander Mathys, ETH Zürich (Presentation)
16H00 From innovation to legislation (Video) Cindy Schoumacher, European Commission
Questions & Answers (Video)
16H30 End of the first day

27 September 2023

Time (CEST) Topic Presenter

Chapter 2: Innovation and Science

Moderator: Dr. Veronica Lolli, University of Parma
Co-Moderator: University of Parma

09H30 Forefront food innovation: (Video)
  • Cell-cultured meat
  • Precision fermentation
Masami T. Takeuchi, Food Agricultural Organisation (FAO) (Presentation)
10H00 Modern biotechnology methods and synthetic biology approaches (Video) Nikoletta Papadopoulou, European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) (Presentation)
10H20 Nanotechnology-based innovations for the food sector: New Prospects, new challenges, new concerns, and the regulation of risks Qasim Chaudhry, University of Chester
10H40 Questions & Answers (Video)
10H50 Break
11H05 Allergenicity of novel foods – The case of insects (Video) Cristiano Garino, Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR) (Presentation)
11H25 Microalgae and cyanobacteria: opportunities and constraints (Video) Vítor Vasconcelos, Interdisciplinary Centre of Marine and Environmental Research (CIIMAR) (Presentation)
11H45 Assessing risks and benefits of novel foods (Video) Þórhallur Ingi Halldórsson, University of Iceland (Presentation)
12H05 Assessing risks and benefits of novel foods (Video) Géraldine Boué, ONIRIS (Presentation)
12H25 Questions & Answers (Video)
12H45 End of the morning
Case study: Safety of insects as novel foods
Time (CEST) Topic Presenter

Moderator: Domenico Azzollini, EFSA
Co-Moderator: Ermolaos Ververis, EFSA & Prof. Tullia Tedeschi, University of Parma

15H00 Introduction (Video)

Domenico Azzollini , European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) (Presentation)

15H50 Discussion led by

Ermolaos Ververis, European Food Safety Authority (EFSA)

Prof. Tullia Tedeschi, University of Parma

16H40 Wrap up (Video)

Domenico Azzollini , European Food Safety Authority (EFSA)

17H00 End of the second day

28 September 2023

Time (CEST) Topic Presenter

Chapter 3: Innovative food products and society

Moderator: Davide Menozzi, University of Parma
Co-Moderator: Giovanni Sogari, University of Parma

09H30 Eurobarometer and other tools for gathering citizens’ perception Giorgia Zamariola, European Food Safety Authority (EFSA)
Joana Sousa Lourenço, European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) (Presentation)
09H50 Attitudes towards science and food innovation. Neophobia/Neophilia case studies. (Video 1 - Video 2) Montaña Cámara, Complutense University of Madrid
Virginia Fernández, Complutense University Madrid (Presentation)
10H30 Consumers’ perception of alternative proteins: risk-benefit considerations (Video) Wim Verbeke, Ghent University (Presentation)
10H50 Questions & Answers (Video)
11H00 Break
11H20 Risk Communication: towards an audience-oriented approach. The EUChooseSafeFood campaign (Video) Domagoj Vrbos, European Food Safety Authority (Presentation)
11H40 Novel tools for novel foods: EFSA’s ‘Science on the menu’ podcast. (Video) Edward Bray,European Food Safety Authority (EFSA)
María Tejero, European Food Safety Authority (EFSA)
Mariya Dokova, European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) (Presentation)
12H30 Consumer acceptance of innovative foods: the role of information (Video) Vincenzina Caputo, Michigan State University (Presentation)
12H50 Questions & Answers (Video)
13H00 Concluding remarks and closure of the Parma Summer School 2023 (Video) Chiara Dall’Asta, University of Parma
13H10 End of the Parma Summer School 2023